Yoga Bag Giveaway!

photo by Melissa of The Linden Tree

My favorite little shop in South Minneapolis, The Linden Tree, asked me to make some Yoga Bags to sell a few weeks ago. I took the challenge, figured out a pattern, and brought a half-dozen to the shop a week later. I’ll be adding a few more to my Etsy shop soon, but first I need to give one away.

This bag is the first one I made while I was still figuring out the pattern, AND IT CAN BE YOURS!! The fabric is lightweight and the strap is made from fabric rather than a canvas strap. It holds a standard size yoga mat and has a long strap to throw it over your shoulder.

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment below and tell me about your ideal yoga bag. Pocket or no pocket? Long strap? Short strap? Bright or subtle pattern?

I’ll pick a winner on Sunday and share the big news on Monday. Until then, let’s practice our yoga breathing…. OMMMMMMM!

(sorry about the crappy bottom photo. it’s dark when I leave, dark when I get home, so I’m stuck shooting at the office, which is limiting, to say the least.)

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations Jenna Z.!

  • painted fish studio

    my ideal yoga bag would kick me in the butt and make me do yoga!

    1. jenn

      so…. I’ll add a little stuffed foot at the bottom, so when you carry it the foot swings and kicks you. great idea.

      1. painted fish studio


  • Tyler-Baby Lux Design

    Hmmm, the perfect Bikram yoga tote would have these features :);
    -a noiseless clasp closure to get mat in and out quietly.
    – an I-phone size pocket
    -and an extra fabric strap tie to secure a towel somehow
    – a sewn loop with stabilizer for a key ring/clip attachment
    -oh and everything must be washable to rid the stink!

    What a fun sewing project!

  • Jordan P

    Long strap definitely, with a small pocket to hold keys/phone/cash and a strap for a towel. I’d love it to be bright and easily identifiable, as all women at my studio toss their bags near each other and I’d wanna see it in a crowd! Also, a fun pattern for that same reason!

  • Jenna Z

    My ideal yoga mat bag has a short strap, fun colors and a big booty pocket for my brick!

  • Lindsay

    I agree with everything said above! Especially the butt kicking feature! Long Strap, ties for a towel, with a pocket for phone and keys, and made with a washable bright fabric!

  • Andi

    Agreed! Pocket… maybe even with a key clip inside. Washable.
    An adjustable strap might be nice too… I’m a short gal.
    Love the calming colors of this one!

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