I’ve been writing my entire life, without realizing it, but it wasn’t until after college, when I was settled into my dream job as a graphic designer, did I realize I was also a writer.

I started taking courses at The Loft and realized I wanted to know more about the craft of writing than I could get at just weekend classes. I joined a writing group. I took more classes. I wrote when I could find time.

A few years later I applied to graduate school and started working toward a MFA in Creative Writing. I chose Fiction and wrote a novel for my thesis. Two years later I hid that novel and welcomed a baby girl. While that novel is hidden away somewhere, my desire to write is not.

So this blog was born. And before that a different blog. Back before blogging was a thing. And before blogging was no longer a thing. But this is still a space where I can share and explore and continue to write.

You can find one of my essays here. More to come!