Writing the Truth

I’ve been writing a lot lately. And reading about writing even more. As I struggled to get honest words on the page this week, I ran across these lines from Judith Barrington’s Writing the Memoir.

“For some reason particular to you and your life, you need to tell the truth. However, even if  your need is the driving force, it may be helpful, when you hit a rough spot, to remember that other people, too, need you to tell the truth. Sometimes those who most need you to speak out are those very people who plead with you to keep the family secrets hidden.”

(Don’t worry Mom, I’m not spilling the beans. Yet.)

But have you read a memoir or an essay or a blog post that absolutely spoke to you? This is why. The truth. That writer was able to dig deep and pour their soul onto the page. I’m trying to do it. Really trying. I think it’s working.

If you want to read a book, or a blog, that really gets into the deep, check out Bloom and Enjoying the Small Things. Kelle is amazing. I want to be strong like her when I grow up.

  • Tyler

    good for you! glad to hear your writing a lot…and I must admit I’m intrigued to know about these beans you haven’t spilled yet!?

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