It’s Friday, finally, and I’ll be hanging out on the couch with a sick Toddler all weekend. It’s supposed to be steamy hot and humid here this weekend, so I’m turning the air on and watching G-rated movies. It’s a shame to lose a summer weekend, but I’m actually looking forward to hiding out and cuddling up.

Have you seen this? She said Yes. As if she wasn’t cool enough already.

Great interviews on work-life-motherhood balance.

Very cool. 

Happy Happy Weekend. Stay cool, and feel free to drop off Ice Cream if you’re nearby.

  • threesneakybugs

    I hope she feels better soon.
    I can’t believe that video worked.
    I lost the work/home balance battle.
    Awesome wall. We have a wall that’s been framed out in the basement and we’ve been thinking of covering it in some sort of metal sheeting from floor to ceiling. We’re just trying to figure out the ceiling part since it’s an unfinished ceiling with exposed floor joists. I was just thinking magnet play for the kids but it would be a great place to put up some of their art work too.
    Lastly, sorry but the ice cream would melt by the time I got it back from Duluth. But you really should run with that DQ delivery service idea.

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