Writing Group & Ponies


When I picked Daughter up from school yesterday she immediately asked me what we were going to do that evening. I told her we’d eat dinner and we’d play, but then I had to leave for Writing Group.

“What is Writing Group?” she asked.

Fair question, I thought. Glad I didn’t say I was going to Happy Hour.

“Well,” I told her, trying to figure out how to explain it, “Writing Group is when I get together with friends that like to write stories and we talk about them.”

“Do you write stories?”

“Yes,” I said, realizing that occasionally I do.

“Do you write stories for kids?”

“Well, not really, Kiddo. I’ve thought about it, but I haven’t.”


She’s quiet and I turn onto Minnehaha Avenue from her school’s parking lot.

“Kiddo, would you want me to write a story for kids.”


“What do you think I should write about?”

This is where I got excited. Actually, the whole conversation was exciting, but I never expected a writing prompt from my 4.5YO.

And after some hesitation, she started.

“Um, Mommy?”

“Yes, babe?”

“I think you should write a story about Ariel. The mermaid.”

I smile broadly, but keep quiet.

“And My Little Pony. Ariel and My Little Pony. Can you write a story about that?”

I quietly chuckle.

Of course. Her two favorite characters of the week. A Disney mermaid (Hey, if she had to go Disney, I’m glad she went with the one that can swim.) and a group of Ponies that I know nothing about, but I’m learning quickly.

“Yes, kiddo, I can write a story about Arial and the Ponies.”

Or at least I can write a blog post.


Hello! (Again)

from the office window

Welcome to Paper & Clouds.NET!

I’ve moved to this new space with this new look and I’m excited to get down to it. Here you’ll find all the old posts I’ve been posting for the last three years. Three years? That’s crazy.

And before that, you could find me at

My hope with this new space is a new found dedication to writing. Maybe it’s a full essay, maybe it’s a short blurb, maybe just an image.

Here goes….



It’s late. And I’m sitting on the couch watching NBC, surfing on the iPad, checking my phone, and writing on the laptop. It’s election night and I’m nervous. I thought it was settled and then Ohio woke up, said, Wait! Wait!. And so we wait. And wait. 

And in Minnesota we wait. Why would we change out constitution to limit a freedom? I don’t get it. 

Then again, I have never really understood politics. I left that to my sister. 

But still, I wait. I voted this morning. We were actually at the polls before they opened at 7am. We brought daughter with us, stood in the line, looked for letters in the hallways of the elementary school. I held her hand while I filled in the circles on my ballot. On the way out we both got a “I Voted” sticker. She proudly wore it on her purple shirt. 

In the car I explained to her what we had just done. That we had the opportunity to vote for the person we think is best for the job. That we can vote for amendments and laws that determine how we can live. And I got goosebumps. It’s pretty fricking cool that we get this choice. This opportunity. 

I hope someday she’ll understand. 

Until then, I really hope my peeps win.