Two Weeks

My annual triathlon is coming up here in, lets see, two weeks? Actually two weeks and three days. But who’s counting? I started training early this year so I was mentally prepared for the big day, AND because Husband and I did a duathlon the first weekend of May. So really, I was ready to go months ago.

And then I ignored a pain. And that pain grew. And it crept up my leg. And into my hip. It stopped there for a couple weeks and kept quietly calling my name, but yes, I ignored it. And then on a bright Friday morning, when Daughter and I were running/scootering around the lake, the pain moved into my glute and oblique and put a stop to any sort of forward motion. Daughter saw a playground. I saw an opportunity to stretch. And we both were done/scootering for the day.

The following day I could barely walk. I certainly could not do stairs with my left leg. And I couldn’t imagine doing a triathlon in 5 weeks. So, I set to texting some smart friends that know lots about the body and I got a recommendation to a PT, but not just any PT. He got me in the next day (on a Sunday), and while the visit was painful and did I say Painful?, I could feel relief within minutes.

I didn’t run for a week, instead I focused on the swim (which feels great) and the bike (which is still boring, unless I’m with a friend). I ran once with the dog (my right arm is now longer than my left) and once with both dog and daughter (let’s just call that one a walk, okay?), until this morning. When I got out there and gave it my all. No leash, no side ache, no pain. But man, it was hard.

I have some catching up to do in the next 17 days.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 2.05.34 PMBut look who I met on my way home?

So. Worth. It.


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