Triathlon Training Time!

This past weekend marked 12 weeks until the YWCA Triathlon. I had such a great time last year that I signed up again. Last year my goal was to finish, not walk and have fun. This year my goal is just about the same. I’d love to beat my time from last year, and I’d like to feel a little more confident on the bike.

What I love about triathlon is that the training is so diverse. I can’t run more than two days in a row or my knees give out. I can’t possibly make it to the pool more than once or twice a week. And that bike thing, I just find that too boring to get out there everyday. But, I can run twice a week. Swim twice a week. And bike twice a week (usually towing daughter). Piece of cake. In a couple months I’ll have to start doing two or three of them in one day, but I have some time to work up to that.

In the meantime, I’m just going to enjoy my runs, swims and bikes. Like last night. After dinner and before bedtime I took off on a 30 minute run. All. By. Myself. And it was great. My legs felt strong, my lungs felt clear, and the weather was beautiful. As I ran I thought about a few writing projects and let them wander through my head I made my way along the River. When I got home I felt great. I cuddled with daughter, put her to bed and made a few writing notes. Now I’m sitting with a cup of caramel tea while the Rangers/Devils game plays in the background.

Tonight I rest. Tomorrow I bike.

  • Kathryn

    Go girl!

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