Three More Days


“My mother always said a loser isn’t the person
who gets involved and comes in last. It’s the person
who doesn’t get involved in the first place.”
— Oscar Pistorius, the first double amputee to compete in the Olympics

In three days I’ll be doing my second triathlon. And as I do some last minute preparations, mostly mentally, I can’t stop thinking about my swim the other night. I talked my neighbor, and friend, into doing it with me, so we’ve been training together when our schedules allow. Tuesday night we biked over to Nokomis (where the tri starts) and did some swimming. On Tuesdays the local park & rec board allows swimmers to cross the lake, with the watchful eyes of a few lifeguards. This was the third week in a row that I’ve gone. I’ve always been comfortable in the water, especially lakes. But to swim across one? What a blast. And it’s amazing training. I can’t stop and fix my goggles. I can’t stop and stretch my calves or my feet. I can just keep swimming (anyone else hear Ellen?)

But anyway, the other night, as the sun fell over the beach, playground and softball fields, I looked up and saw just the silhouette of my friend. There I was, swimming on a beautiful Minnesota evening, across a beautiful lake, getting ready to do an event I never dreamed I’d be able to do. In three days I’ll prove to myself that yes, I am strong enough, physically and mentally to swim, bike and run a triathlon. And the best part is that I’m doing it because it’s fun. Loads of fun.

  • Carole

    You’re an inspiration, Sweetie!

  • kristin

    the swim sounds just heavenly…and yes, i agree…there is nothing quite like swimming across a lake. way to go friend!! i’ll be looking for you tomorrow.

    can’t seem to locate a course map from the website, but i’ll plan on being at the cedar ave bridge to cheer you on!!! you go girl!! xx

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