This Place

We’ve been in our new house for a month now. There are still random boxes in the dining room and the weight bench is in hundreds (literally) of pieces, but it feels like home.

There are flowers out front. (Mom – the peonies are blooming.)


There are hummingbirds on the deck. (I had to really zoom in… they’re small!)


And there are often deer and baby bunnies out back. (All this rain has finally made it green!)


But best of all is the peace that comes with knowing we’re in our home. Where we’ll stay for as long as we can foresee. Where our daughter (and someday dog(s)) will know she’s (they’re) home. Where family and friends will come to celebrate and relax. Where food will be cooked, wine will be poured, games will be played, milestones will be reached.

Dorothy knew what she was talking about.


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