The New Turtle Bread

We finally made it to the new Turtle Bread Company location here in Longfellow for lunch this weekend. Husband brought his Dad to the Twins game for a Birthday/Father’s Day gift, so Grandma Nibs and I took Daughter out to lunch. Daughter and I stopped by last weekend for breakfast goods, but today was a real treat. I’ve been a fan of Turtle Bread for years (have you tried their Chocolate Bread? Or their Tomato Soup? Or their Cookies?) If you haven’t you need to. And now there’s a location just a mile or so from our house. The opening was delayed by about seven months, but I think it was worth it.

I ordered the “Tosti” Madame Benedict, which I guess is a lighter version or a Madame Croque and Eggs Benedict. Essentially, it was heaven. A toasted/grilled bacon (I subbed) and cheese sandwich, topped with poached eggs and hollandaise. So So Yum.

For Daughter I ordered a blueberry pancake. She only took one bite (what is wrong with her?). I think she was distracted with all the people/dogs/kids wandering by. Grandma Nibs ordered the grilled cheese, which is simple and perfect and perfectly grilled.

And did I mention we ate outside? It was a beautiful day. A beautiful meal. A beautiful time. Next time we’re riding our bikes there. Which I’ll need to do since their food is way too good.

  • kristin

    i want to know where i can get my hair done up like the little miss. those bows! too cute for words really. xx

    hmmm…why am i suddenly craving eggs?

  • threesneakybugs

    Love that she wore a million barrettes. We’ve already gone several times. It’s a blessing and a curse that it’s so close to my house. I really, really liked the wild rice pancakes. The kids aren’t as big of fans but that’s not going to stop me.

    Oh, and the chocolate bread? Love it!

  • Monika

    That “Tosti” Madame Benedict looks to die for… my favorite!

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