In The Backyard

This is the new play area in our backyard. We ripped out more bushes and shrubs than we care to remember. Then Husband planted a dozen arborvitae and poured out about 300 bags of wood chips. I think it looks great. And now Daughter has a safe place for her slide and pool. And she’s between the patio (we’re you can find us in lawn chairs) and the house. Nice and close.

BTW – that big pot there on the left is full of mint and basil. I think a pitcher of fresh lemonade with that fresh mint is in order for this weekend. And probably a trip to the pool. What are you doing this weekend?

  • threesneakybugs

    It looks great! And very similar to our new wood chip corner. It has a slide and pool too! I was soooo tired of mowing around them/moving them/the grass dying under them. Ugh. We have a bigger climber/slide but the kids have grown out of it so I’m planning on selling it at the next garage sale and replacing it with fort building supplies and a pine cone elf house.

  • Monika

    Very cool – no matter what the temp – they love playing outside so you’ve got to make it fun for them. I had planned on making some herb butters & freezing them this weekend, but I might have to do that with some of my mint too! It grows like a weed.

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