The American Dream

I don’t want to get into Politics. Really, I don’t. I honestly don’t understand politics and for years just asked my sister who to vote for. But what I do know, is that nearly 100 years ago, my grandfather came to the United States from Ireland. He was 11 years old. He came with his Mother and three brothers, yet I doubt he had more than a few dollars in his pocket. And do you know what he did? He went to college, met his wife (my Grandmother) and opened a mission on Franklin Avenue in Minneapolis. He worked hard (without money from his parents, obviously) and pursued a dream.

Talk about the American Dream. Seriously.

He makes me proud to be an American. And of Irish descent.

We were all immigrants at one point, weren’t we?

The photo above is a screen shot from Google Earth of the building where my Grandfather was born in the town of Arklow, Ireland. It was only recently painted green. Someday, I’ll be there. 

  • Brenna

    My grandfather came to American from Italy at the age of 13 with his brothers. His sister and parents stayed behind. He worked for Lawrence Welk and ended up with his own business. Yes, the American dream.

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