Stalked by a Waffle

I am being haunted by this waffle. Seriously haunted. Last Friday, before Daughter and I spent three days staring at each other and learning to use the Potty, we went out to breakfast. I brought her to the Birchwood Cafe because I had never been there for Breakfast. When we got there the place was packed. It was a Friday at 830 in the morning and anyone who wasn’t at work or school was there. It was nearing 70 degrees and every seat was taken, so we sat outside. Daughter wanted pancakes, and while they didn’t have pancakes, I ordered her a “Waffle-Pancake” hoping it would be close enough, and something new and exciting.

For myself, I ordered the Savory Waffle, and boy I was I glad I did. I love baked goods, but I prefer eggs and bacon for breakfast. This was really the best of both worlds. The waffle batter included parsnips and gruyere, served with a sunny-side egg, bacon, pear slaw and a homemade nut jam. It was amazing. And it is still haunting me. (But at $11, I have to refrain from stopping by every day).
And did Daughter like her waffle? She did, but she especially liked mine and ate a quarter of it just so I didn’t feel guilty. It was a great way to start an intense and busy weekend. And in case you’re wondering, the Potty training went well, really well. We’re so happy. But I’m still haunted.
  • Tyler

    yay for potty training! next accomplishment is when they can buckle themselves into their carseat….we’re still working on that. magically we can get out of it and out of the car all by ourselves but getting in and buckled….well that’s just too hard.

    p.s. I’m doing a onesie giveaway need a gift for someone expecting? spread the word.


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