Snow and a Winner!


Wow, you guys, what a blast I had last week reading your comments. Must of you made me laugh, a lot of you made me laugh out loud. And I needed it. And then it snowed! And it snowed. And it snowed some more. In fact, it’s still snowing! Which means it’s amazingly beautiful outside, but the Monday commute might be a bit stressful. Maybe there will be a snow day and I’ll have a little one with me on my commute. Oh, wouldn’t that be a blast?

Meanwhile, let’s celebrate out 10+ inches of snow with a Winner of the Giveaway. Or how about three Winners?

The random number generator chose numbers 62, 34 and 75. Which means Kathleen C., Lauren,  and Rikki each win a key-fob-thingy. I’ll send you an email and just let me know a few color preferences and I’ll send ’em off.


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