Have you heard of the Skinny Bitch Diet? Well, it’s not really a diet, but more of a way of eating. Actually, a Vegan way of eating. And no, I’m not going Vegan. I first heard about this book on Facebook. Then I requested the book from the library (or so I thought). When I went to pick it up I guess I had ordered the CDs rather than the book. Oh well, I spend a fair amount of time in my car so I popped in the first disk and started to pay attention. Basically, what the ladies are saying, is that everything but fruits, vegetables,  grains and legumes are bad for you. This includes dairy and meat. It also includes soda, sugar and white flour. Okay, I was listening. I haven’t had a Diet Coke in two weeks. I have cut back on the meat. I have cut back on the dairy. And I’ve increased the amount of fruit in my diet.

Then I went back to the library and checked out their cookbook, more out of curiosity than anything else. It’s a beautiful, well-designed, thick book full of amazing photographs and interesting recipes. I found a number of recipes that would work for our family and made the first one, Spicy Black Bean Enchiladas, over the weekend. The directions were clear and I was able to do most of it ahead of time (during Nap) and them just assembled and baked at the last minute. A few complaints…. the cooking time of 40 minutes was way too long, the whole dish was way too spicy for Daughter (and she likes spicy), and Husband thought it was spicy but had little flavor. One compliment… leftovers were much better than the first time. So, maybe make it ahead and reheat? And more vegetables? I’m not sure. I plan to make a veggie curry this week and hope to have better results. And I even bought Tofu for another recipe this week.

But don’t worry, i’m not going Vegan. No way I can give up cheese. Ever. But I can cut down on my meat intake and so far I don’t miss the Diet Coke. We’ll see!


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