Sick Day….


(photo taken by daughter, of daughter, at school last week… she brought the camera for show and tell and took 150 photos in just a few minutes)

I spent most of yesterday at home with a sick kid. It was her third day feeling under the weather, so we decided to keep her home rather than pushing it at school. We watched Winnie the Pooh three times. We had matching peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. We sat on the couch cuddled together as close as we could for nearly four straight hours.

I thought about writing. I thought about cleaning and laundry and organizing a closet, but I didn’t. I stayed put. I handed daughter fresh tissues and kept her wrapped in blankets. I laughed right along with her when Pooh’s stomach growled and giggled when Tigger bounced. I breathed in her sweet scent and held her little hand.

And you know what? The world waited. It was there when I woke up with morning. Commitments, projects, emails, appointments. They all waited. And today I’ll tackle them. And all will be well.

  • kristin

    and she will remember the feeling of you sitting with her despite it all. sweet, jenn.

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