It’s the first day of September and it is supposed to get to 95 degrees. Naturally. Meanwhile the State Fair is going on, school is starting, and I can smell Fall in the air. It’s also time to let you knwo how things are going re: the resolutions. Here goes!

1. Create
I’m sewing here and there. Finally finished pillow #3. And have some plans for the fall when the temps cool. Meanwhile I need to spend some time outside, quick, before I can’t

2. Write.
I’m all over this, even if just little snippets here and there. Hope to have something to share next month. Oh, and I joined a writing group. We’re meeting at the end of the month, can’t wait.

3. Yoga
Yep, doing Yoga again. Found a great new instructor that I can visit during my lunch hour. And what a pleasant lunch hour it is. Very, very lovely.

4. Budget
Totally on this. No worries. Ha!

5. Triathlon.
I did it! I did it! And it was a blast. I’m totally addicted and can’t wait to do another one. Well, actually, I can, but I plan to do a few next summer, the first one in June. Until then I’ll run and bike and swim just so I don’t forget how. And hey – I signed up for a 10k. A girl’s gotta have a goal, right?

Have you been to the fair? Are you ready for school?


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