It’s the second day of the year. My Writing Dangerously book asked me to create a space today. Find a regular time to write. A regular place. My life is too busy and chaotic to actually schedule time, but here I am. At 830 in the morning on a Friday. We are all still on vacation, so I’m squeezing this in before I walk the dog and meet friends for lunch. I’m at my desk. And I do have a few quotes and pictures hanging in front of me. I have Natalie Goldberg’s quote “Write what you really want to say,” and another by her that says “Write what disturbs you; what you fear, what you have not been wiling to speak about. Be willing to be split open.” A have a artist print from a friend that reads “Make time for your art (it’s important). And a paper sculpture inspired by this poem by Ted Kooser: The moon put her hand/over my mouth/and told me/to shut up and watch.” It’s all here. Now I just have to get myself here. Starting now.


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