Sea Change….

Last week the day job had their annual holiday party and we went to Sea Change in the Guthrie Theater. It was a last minute decision because nobody could decide and they were the first place that could fit us in. I called about a dozen places but nobody had a table for 10. Turns out it was blessing. Sea Change is known for having sustainable seafood. And a great environment in the new Guthrie right on the river.

I started with Oysters (don’t ask me what kind, maybe East Coast?)

Then an appetizer of Tuna Ahi Poke.

The Lamb Empanadas.

Short Ribs. I know, I know, at a Seafood restaurant? It had to be done. Yep.

And finally, dessert. Caramel Coffee Pots de Creme.

Amazing. I can’t wait to go back.


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