Meet Robocop. He’s a tree. A very large, very full, very handsome tree. We brought him into our home on Saturday, which was warm and sunny, okay, 32 degrees and partly sunny. But yesterday it was 5. So that felt warm. We waited for him to warm up and settle in and then we tore though tubs and boxes and went back to the store for more lights. We made homemade pizzas while Husband went to get those lights and then returned to hang more memories.

Daughter loved it. She’d find an ornament and hold it gently.

“Mommy? Is this a special one?”

I’d look down at the treasure cuddled into her hands. Most were not. But there were a few.

The felt cat in the stocking that my Mom made when I was her age. The little metal angel with my name engraved. The porcelain Bogey-doo that we hung front and center.

She understood the importance of each. She’s a gentle soul. A sweet soul.

So last night, when she was finished eating a dinner that wasn’t her favorite, she curled up on the couch, beneath the glow of Robocop and read her favorite book.

Welcome, Robocop. Make yourself at home.


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