Roasted Vegetables

Last week we roasted two pans of vegetables based on this recipe. We included potatoes, carrots, parsnips, poblano peppers, red onions and summer squash. The first night we served them with a pork tenderloin using this recipe. The vegetables were very good, the pork was amazing. But the whole point of making that many vegetables was to create a base for the rest of the week’s meals.

So, the following night we made Thai Red Curry Salmon Stew, using  Salmon, Coconut Milk and the vegetables. It also was good, but the curry with the smoky vegetables was a little forced.

And a couple days later, we made Shrimp Burritos with the Roasted Vegetables. Again, very good, but frankly, I was getting sick of the vegetables. At least all of the recipes were very easy and quick. We got more vegetables in three meals than we’ve had in awhile, and I’m sure we saved times getting these meals on the table.

Not sure if we’ll do this again. I can imagine making the vegetables again, but not enough for a week’s worth of meals. Do you ever cook extra for the next night or nights? I’d love to know your secrets to getting a decent, healthy meal on the table night after night after night.


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