Road Trip, Part 3: Shopping

So in between snacks and meals, we stopped at a few shops along the way. We bought flavored olive oil and tomato sauce and cheese and chocolate and, well, you get it. Oh, and apples. Lots of apples. But when we heading back north we drove through a favorite town, Red Wing, and stopped at their famous little warehouse stores on the north end of town. I’m not one for antiquing, but we found ourselves in an antique store and wow, there were some cool items!

Love these glasses. I could become addicted to antiquing if these were easy to find.

And this coffee set. Love the graphics.

And of course, the classic Fisher Price barn animals. There was even a barn that “Moos,” remember that?

And that pretty much wraps up our Scenic Mississippi Trip to Pepin. Such a beautiful area. I hope to get back there again this winter to snowshoe and relax, right Lisa?


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