Resolutions Update and a Puppy!

(If I lived in Charleston, I would absolutely have this amazing photographer take a few shots of my Bug. Wow.)

It’s May. Actually, it’s  few days into May, but I’ve been busy writing, eating and celebrating. Oh, and working out. I can’t forget that, nor can my knees. Anyway, May is here and it’s time to check in on my New Year’s Resolutions. So silly, but I promised myself I would. Here goes!

1. Create
Still way behind on the sewing projects, but I did make a cute scarf for Jen on her birthday. And I’ve been writing. Lots of writing (see below)

2. Write.
Yes! The online class I’m taking has been amazing and I’m starting to ‘crank” out some good stuff. I even shared a bit here with you. Wow.

3. Yoga
Still going Monday nights. Still loving it.

4. Budget
Made some progress here, need to make some more. But it’s starting to take shape.

5. Triathlon.
Running, Biking and Swimming. Up to 5.5 miles in a run, up to 9 miles on the bike, and I’m swimming 600-800 yards each time I go. Which, honestly, is only once a week right now, but it’s a start. Officially training program starts on May 23rd, so get ready!

Things have shifted from sewing to writing, and from yoga to training, but it’s all good. And the sun has been out, so maybe, just maybe spring will show up soon?

Are you still following your Resolutions?

Happy Friday!


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