pesto & tomatoes

I made pesto last night. A lot of pesto. I planted 10 basil plants a few months ago for the sole purpose of making pesto. All but one of them thrived. And I’m thrilled. We’ve now got eight batches of pesto to get us through the long Minnesota Winter. (yes, it deservers a capital W, if you’ve survived one you know why). We’ll add it to pasta and gnocchi and spread it on sandwiches. And we’ll be reminded ever so slightly of warm sunny days with flip-flops and sprinklers.
And then this morning I stopped at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market and grabbed a 1/2 bushel of tomotoes. I’m making this tomato sauce this weekend. And if I like it, I’m heading back to get more so I can make more. Anything I can do to bottle up this summer. Yum.
  • Tyler

    That’s a great idea. I was wondering what I was going to do with all my tomatoes I grew until mr Arlin Jack took the liberties to pluck em right off and eat em’ he must have gorged 10 or so over a couple days playing in the backyard-sneaky! 😉

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