Paper Hat

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I’ve been working on-site out in the Suburbs on and off lately. Instead of sitting on the highway crawling along at 5mph, I’ve been taking the Parkway to 50th street, meaning I get to cut through the whole width of Minneapolis and check out all the cute little restaurants, parks and shops.

One spot I’ve been keeping my eye on is at the corner of 50th and Penn Avenue South. It’s a great little shop full of handmade goodies with the cutest name, paper hat. Isn’t that sweet? This morning I noticed that the coming soon signs are gone and the store front is full of goodies. Too bad they weren’t open at 8am when I drove past. I’ll have to make a special trip sometime soon.

Have you been there? Have you heard of it? Wanna meet me there?

  • kristin

    hell yeah!! i’ll meet you there.

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