Orange Fishy and Cashew Brittle

As you probably know, I did my second craft sale this weekend during an enormous blizzard. Like so enormous, our professional football team’s stadium collapsed and they had to play in Detroit. It was that big. Needless to say, there were very few shoppers at the sale. That was a bummer. And it was discouraging. Etc. But I still had a good time. Primarily because my booth was fortunately situated between Orange Fishy Designs and Thomasina’s Cashew Brittle. I couldn’t have asked for better neighbors. Orange Fishy because Mary is a delight and an inspiration and the Brittle because I think their booth had more traffic than any other retailer in town!

While the sale was a bust, I did score this beautiful dress for Daughter from Orange Fishy Design. I spent the day staring at it, hoping that nobody else would snatch it up. I didn’t have much competition. Isn’t it sweet? It’s made from a vintage 70’s bedspread, which I could totally see in the house where I grew up. It’s also quilted, so with a long-sleeve T and some tights, Daughter has a lovely winter outfit.

If you’re in the Twin Cities you can find Orange Fishy at the Midtown Farmer’s Market in the warmer months. And you can find Thomasina’s Cashew Brittle at Kowalski’s or many of the local co-ops (as well as online). Feel free to send me some for the hint…. hint, hint!!

  • Mom

    No wonder you liked this little dress. The bedspreads you and your sister had on your twin beds (before you got bunk beds at about age 7) had a very similar print. You probably saw them in some old pictures but probably don’t consciously remember them. Same colors too. Yes it is very 70s!! Very cute!

  • threesneakybugs

    Oh my lord is that super duper cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love it!!!!

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