Oops, It’s July!

Well, July is here and has been for nearly two weeks. Oops. I’m trying to survive the heat while dealing with public pools. But it’s all good. I love summer. And I found myself smiling as I was biking today. I had just done about 13 miles in the 90 degree weather with the sun beating on my back. I was hot and sweaty and sticky and miserable and oh, so, happy. (Then we went to the pool, again.)

Meanwhile, I’m behind on my resolutions update, so here goes:

1. Create
I’m sewing again! I made a dress for Daughter (post coming soon), flip-flops for me and a skirt for Daughter for the 4th, and I have a few more projects started. It’s hard to be upstairs in the studio in this heat, but it’s all good.

2. Write.
Here and there. The online class wrapped up, but a group is staying in touch.

3. Yoga
Mondays when my body has recovered from weekend tri training. If not, I’m on the couch. Writing.

4. Budget

5. Triathlon.
Swimming indoors and out, Biking everywhere and Running a ton. This heat is putting a damper on the running, but I’m still plowing through. Five weeks to go 🙂

Overall, it’s all good 🙂 What are you doing this summer to beat the heat?

  • kristin

    whoa jenn!! you are a complete inspiration! did you watch saturday’s tri zipping by your house? that sure motivated me to get out in this heat, but yuk, i’m not doing any 13 mile bike rides. so are the pools for you? or the girl? i always think when i’m up at Wabun that i should run into you. way to go on the resolutions. xx

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