One More Day Off

We took one more day off after the long weekend and we made the best of it. With Daughter back in daycare, we went for a long bike ride, made a quick stop at Ikea then went to lunch and a movie. We sat outside at Saji-Ya on Grand Avenue and had some amazing sushi. There might have been beer and wine involved as well. Then we stopped at the Grandview Theatre to check out Midnight in Paris. It was great. And it was a nice break from the sun and heat and craziness of a holiday weekend.

There was Pork Gyoza,

Tuna Tataki,

And three kinds of rolls.


  • Bree

    making my mouth water
    can’t have sushi or sashimi but could have the gyoza
    just need to learn how to make that sauce that gyoza come with, it’s almost the best bit!

  • fifthlampdown

    That sounds like the perfect day! I would love to see Midnight in Paris, and Saji-Ya sounds delicious right now.

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