Oh, Wisconsin

As a Native Minnesotan (and a University of Minnesota Alum) I have a love-hate relationship with Wisconsin. They’re just right across a little river, my In-laws and Brother live there (within a stone throw from that same border river, I have to add) they have some delightful small towns (Bayfield, St. Croix Falls, etc), and they make some really good cheese. But it’s Wisconsin. Our rivals. We have to hate them.

And then I saw this poster. How adorable is this? Minnesota’s poster shows a beer. A Beer? Shouldn’t Wisconsin have the Beer? and Minnesota the cupcake? Check it out for yourself and see the other states he’s come up with. Very entertaining. But I’d still rather have a cupcake than a beer. Just saying…

  • painted fish studio

    hmmmmm, tough call. i do like beer…

  • Jill

    No fair! Alabama got pink sno-balls!

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