November, Already?

It’s November. Can you believe it? When did that happen? I’m having a heard time believing it because the temps are still in the 50s and we’ve had beautiful sunshine rather than snow. But the calendar doesn’t lie. And now that Halloween is over, all I can think about is Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving. It could be my favorite holiday, besides Christmas, and Fourth of July. But really? What’s not to love? It’s all about Food! And more Food. (And no shopping for gifts!)

But now that it’s approaching, and rather quickly, I must say, I’ve started to panic. I started thinking of all I need to do (plan a menu, find a tablecloth, start cooking) so I put together a Thanksgiving Worksheet. It’s based on the Grocery List I created a few months ago, but also includes the specific Thanksgiving items like a guest list and a place to write down what you’ll use for a centerpiece. Download your copy here:


I plan to print mine on two sides so I have everything together, but you could use two pages and recycle the grocery list after you’re done shopping. I still have a lot of planning to do, but I hope that this list makes it a bit less stressful. Download your own copy and have a stress-free Thanksgiving!

  • threesneakybugs

    Fun! This is my 1st Thanksgiving in ages that I’m not hosting so my to do list is going to revolve around packing and things for the kids to do on our 10+ hr drive to Steve’s mom’s. Maybe next yr I can use yours!

  • Mis

    It didn’t seem like rocket science, but mom thought I was a genius last Easter when I hosted our family dinner and had a timeline all planned out. I started with the time I wanted dinner on the table, and worked backwards, assigning a time to when each dish had to be prepped or go into the oven. It allowed me to know when I could relax with the fam and when I had to get my butt in the kitchen!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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