My Word of the Year(s)

I’ve been hearing a lot about picking a “Word of the Year”. I guess it comes with the whole New Year and New Year’s Resolution thing. I started to think about what my word for 2011 should be when I remembered that I had chosen a word for 2010 and never released it into the word. That word was Embrace. As in to “Take it all in, slow down, and Enjoy the Moment”. A year ago at this time Daughter was 9 months old and growing up really, really fast. This year I feel like she’s growing up even faster! I think I Embraced a whole lot of 2010, at least of her. And what now, for 2011?

How about “Play”?

I think it will work nicely. Don’t you?

  • painted fish studio

    yes, best word of the year yet!

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