My Monday


It’s Monday and I have ten more minutes to myself in the coffee shop before I go through another school tour, stop by the office (quickly) and drop some clothes at the consignment shop. It’s my first of three days with me. Husband is at work, Daughter is at school, so it’s me and the dogs. I have lots planned, but hopefully not too much. Hopefully I can spend some time in this space and get my writing project back up and running.

Ten days off, but just three all to myself. How is it that this time goes so quickly? An hour to run to the bank, an hour to workout, a few minutes in the book store, time stuck in traffic and then the day is gone!

Here, the coffee shop is packed. And I overhear bits of conversations. One man has a newborn son, yet lingers over coffee with his buddy. Two women in dreadlocks, who look quite a bit alike, have just dropped their kids at school and are chatting with a couple of older women. An older guy is cutting out soda. The proprietor, who appears to know everyone, is running a race for charity on Thanksgiving Day with his partner. And he’s not cooking.

I love listening to the bits and pieces. Life is full of all sorts of bits and pieces. Today my bits and pieces feel all consuming. But at least they’re mine.


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