Daughter started calling me “Mom” this past week. It had always been “Mommy” sometimes “Mama,” occasionally “Jenn-ee-fer” the way her teachers pronounce my name. But never just “Mom.” The first time she said it I had asked her to wash her hands. She turned to me and said, “Mom! I need a chair!” Mom? Really, Mom? Where had that come from?

Preschool? She moved to the Preschool room just last week.

Turning three? Her birthday was less than a month ago.

It’s one or the other.

Either way, she’s growing up.

Over the weekend she continued to call me Mom.

Mom, MOm, MOM! Come with me!

Mom! Mom! Where are you?


(insert Husband’s chuckle)

I tried to change it.

You can call me Mommy, okay?

(insert Husband’s chuckle, again)

I look at her and see a little girl. A very tall little girl. Her laughter lights up any room. Her imagination is wider than the Mississippi. And her little arms are really good at hugging. Really, she can call me anything she wants.

Especially “Mom.”

  • Bree

    Yeah I’m Momma, I think my Husband actually started that. I call myself Mummy but he then responds as Momma. I don’t think I’ve had Mum yet…. 🙂

  • K. Woll

    I bet you will hear “mommy” again yet … in the middle of the night, or when sick. I, too, am hoping that “mommy” stays around (even if only in moments of weakness) for a while.

  • kristin

    yeah, it was hard when my 7 year old gave up “mama” and switched to mom, but Julen? he’s been calling me “Kristin” for about a year now ( and i had hoped it was just a phase…)

    your little bumpkin is so grown up! in just a blink of an eye, i tell ya.

  • Tyler

    awww…i love reading this post….funny I remember the day Arlin first called me “mom” instead of Mama…it stops you in your tracks that’s for sure!

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