I picked up some more of this beautiful fabric yesterday because I just had to have more. I am busy making Daughter the Yoga Suit from the pattern I couldn’t resist a few weeks ago and decided I wanted to line the whole suit wtih this great pink and white fabric. While I was at Treadle Yard goods, I noticed the same pattern in green, next to the green polka dots. I knew the material was really fabulous and easy to work with so I grabbed two more yards. I have some idea what to make, but what would you do with this beautiful cotton jersey?

Did I mention I believe this fabric is from Moda? There was a sign at the store, but I can’t find anything online. Just in case you were wondering…

  • jess

    These are from the modkids collection by Patty Young for Moda.
    They’re a dream to work with.
    I think I need some more for me!

  • threesneakybugs

    On the docket for me and a pile of knits – simple string closure bags for toys and knitting, nightgowns, dresses for E, headbands, leg warmers for E, possibly arm warmers for me… All except my grown up arm warmers would work for those. I like the top one the best.

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