Minnesota Women’s Art Festival

It’s finally here. The Minnesota Women’s Art Festival. It’s the first craft show I signed up for and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s supposed to snow again, but I know all you brave locals will be able to work your way through 3-10 inches of light snow to make it there, right? In addition to over 100 artists, there will be live music and refreshments. All by women. See you there!

  • painted fish studio

    good luck! i’m sorry i can’t be there. i’m sure you’ll sell a ton!

  • Peggy Johnson

    Hi there,
    I really wanted to go to your show at the YWCA today but I was snowed in and couldn’t get out.
    I am a new promoter and I wanted to tell you about the shows that I have planned for 2011 so far.
    You can email me at peanutbuttershows@gmail.com or visit my website peanutbuttershows.wordpress.com for more information.
    I would love to have you at one of my shows!

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