Longfellow Art Crawl Recap

(photo from Ginghamlife.etsy.com)

As soon as Daughter fell asleep for her nap on Sunday, I hoped on my bike and hit a few stops on the Longfellow Art Crawl. (Husband was home, so it’s not like I ditched her). It was, however, about 90 degrees, out, so I didn’t go too fast, or too far. But I was able to make it to four locations, and most of those had more than one artist.

The first place I stopped was the home of Cherie Burke (#27). What a beautiful house! We had a delightful conversation and her portraits are absolutely stunning. She also had some fun jewelry and fuzzy, warm mittens that her neighbor made.

I stopped be a house just south of Lake Street (#13 – River House Art)where four artists were showing their work. The carved stone jewelry by David Waid was really beautiful, no idea how he does that. Another artist, Lisa Arnold, was selling mosaics, and I fell in love with her little bird. Might need to find her somewhere.

I headed south again and stopped at the home of Sally Lieberman (#19 – Gingham Life). She had handmade aprons made with vintage fabrics. They were so totally Mad Men! Not my style, but oh so fun.

On the way home, I stopped at Fireroast Mountain Cafe, where again a number of artists were selling their work. I had a lovely chat with Kat Corrigan about both her Frankensweaters and her dog paintings. She has a show opening at the Birchwood in a couple weeks, and she also encouraged me to join the MN Esty Street Team, which I did yesterday!

I’m so glad I made it out, and it was really fun to do it by Bike. The streets of Longfellow are straight, flat and quiet. I probably made it through the neighborhoods faster on my bike than on my car. But probably with a bit more sweat. Didn’t even think about taking the scooter…..

  • Tyler

    what a lovely Sunday afternoon! art and bicycle riding ( a little mama “alone” time)…doesn’t get much better than that! 🙂

  • Chandler

    I think our Studio Tour circuit, here in Tacoma, would be a lot more fun if it were held in the summer—November is just so coldy-rainy and blah here. Art crawls are so much more fun when you can ride your bike and wear short sleeves.

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