Life with Owl

I just started reading Wesley the Owl. It’s the remarkable story of a women’s life with her pet Owl. They are such amazing creatures and I’m sort of an on owl kick.

So searching through Etsy today, this fabulous calendar caught my eye. What fun! She’s got stuffed Owls, too!

And I’ll never forget an evening on my front deck, overlooking the Mississippi River. I was reading, and looked up just in time to see a large owl flying straight towards me, only to lift up right before he reached our house. Magnificent. I was stunned!

  • Jill

    Oh, I love that book. And I love owls, too.

  • Tyler

    those are wicked cute… you have to you tube: “lovely owl”….Oh my gosh I want that little guy SO bad!!!! only the hub told me that they eat mice and that was the end of that “want”!!!

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