Yesterday, Daughter and I spent most of the afternoon laughing. The day didn’t start out so well, and we ended up spending a couple hours at the Emergency Vet Clinic. After a number of tests and some guessing on the Doctor’s part (because Dog is too wiggly to get an accurate measurement) we were sent home with two bottles of eye drops and a bottle of pills. He’s doing really well, so that’s a relief.

But because we wanted to stick close to home, and close to Dog, we didn’t go to the beach or to the playground or to the pool. We spent the afternoon, first, on the floor of her bedroom and, later, on the floor of the living room. We tossed a little ball up in the air and let it hit us in the head. Then we threw a larger ball in the air and hoped it wouldn’t hit us in the head.

When we finally got off the floor, we tore apart the living room and threw toys everywhere. There was puppet show and a parade. The lines in the rugs because the road for the cars. The trains went around and around their tracks. We made a castle with the MagnaTiles. We sang songs. We danced. And we laughed.


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