Just Write: Snow

The snow started last night, after dinner, as I walked big dog around the block. I was wearing a head lamp, which really wasn’t needed with the full moon and  cloud cover, but it was nice to see the light reflect off the thick snowflakes as they fell down in front of my eyes.

This morning wee woke up to three inches of fresh snow. The snow we had was starting to get packed down and bits of it had melted. The rest is brown or yellow… I’ll let you think on that. So it was nice to see the snow this morning. It was even enough to pull me out of bed before I had to be up, just to lift the blinds in the bathroom and peer into the yard to see it for myself.

A few hours later it’s still coming down. Sideways, actually. The roads are a mess, but the trees and lawns are beautiful.

I’m so glad I live here.



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