It’s suddenly June and summer is here in full force. It’s been really quiet here lately, just a few posts in the last few months. Let me tell you why. 

In January we took our house off the market. We rearranged, repainted, restaged.

In February we put our house back on the market. We cleaned again and again and I spent a lot of time with daughter and two dogs driving around in the car.

In March we lost our puppy. She passed away in our arms after a short battle with a horrible pneumonia. I wish I could tell you more, but that’s all we learned from the autopsy.

Also in March we finally sold our house, to the same party that had the contingent offer in October. Finally.

In April we found a house. And we packed.

In May we sold our house and bought the new house. And then we moved.

Last weekend we said goodbye to our 11.5-year-old Boston Terrier. He was so sick, so suddenly. Our hearts broke for the second time in two months.

But… the new house feels like a new beginning. I will never forget the house where we lived for nearly 12 years. Where we ran and chased and played with those amazing dogs. Where we brought our daughter home when she was just two days old. The new house is beautiful and more than I ever could have hoped for. It’s strangely quiet, but that’s okay. For now.

It’s time to start writing again. To start creating again. Life has settled down.

And I’m back.


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