Jumbo Crayons are Fun!

We picked up a package of Jumbo crayons the other day, you know the big, thick ones, that are harder to chew and swallow? Well, I’ve discovered they are just as easy to chew, but they are easier for little tiny hands to hold. I also discovered that they are full of inspiration. While daughter took turns pounding her red crayon on the paper and sticking it into her mouth, I decided to try it myself. Just holding the thicker crayon, I could feel my arm let go as it lead me across the page. It was fun!

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  • threesneakybugs

    We have sketch night every so often at our house. There’s only one rule – no markers. Otherwise they’d pick markers every time. At any rate, I’ve been enjoying crayons as well. I REALLY want to get a set of stockmar block crayons.

  • Chandler

    Super fun! And yeah, it’s amazing how it loosens you up. In my college painting classes, my teachers used to make us hold our brushes out at arm’s length, which forces you to make looser movements, and not worry so much about tight detail. It kind of made my anally-retentive brain explode, but it was great.

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