It’s March….

Well, actually, it’s been March for over a week now. But I’ve been sick (first a sore-throat-type-cold, then some sort of icky flu/stomach thing, and then a sinus infection) but I’m on the mend (fingers crossed) so here I am.

Welcome, March. I’m looking forward to your warmer temps and more sunshine. (Ahem, where are they?). And I’m looking forward to a thaw (again, ahem). And since it’s March, it’s time to revisit those New Years Resolutions from two months ago, remember them? Let’s see where I’m at:

1. Create
Still sewing for myself, a skirt, actually. A couple blankets for some new babies. And a set of pillows are in the works for my Mom. More on that soon.

2. Write.
Yep, been scribbling and I’m starting an online course as well. I’m also planning a writing project with an old, old friend. We just started brainstorming, but it is sure to be exciting!

3. Yoga
Here are there, nothing I’m committed to yet. Need to work on this.

4. Budget
Um, yeah. See February.

5. Triathlon.
Progress! Again!! I signed up! And I am starting swimming lessons just as soon as I buy an appropriate suit and a pair of goggles. Think water wings are appropriate? Oh, and I ran. Outside. On one of the warmer days. I made it 2.5 miles, which is the distance of the running part so I’m pretty psyched. Yippee.

So, not horrible. but once I’m healthy, I have a lot to do.

How are your Resolutions coming along?


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