It’s Been Really Cold

It was 14 degrees below zero when I woke up the other day. 14 degrees BELOW zero. That’s cold. And even though I’m a native Minnesotan and I can deal with these temps, I was still pretty happy that I had taken the time over the holidays to make these draft snakes. I used this great tutorial and they came together in no time. We have three in our bedroom. Two along the windows above our bed and this one along the sliding glass door. And yes, that’s snow on the other side of the window. And yes, it’s really that deep. In fact, I couldn’t get it all in the shot. Just know that it’s deep. Really deep.

  • jen

    winter can go, any time now…

  • threesneakybugs

    I’ve been wanting to make draft snakes for a while now. Although I have so many windows that need them the task seems daunting.

  • Jill

    That looks much better than my beach towel against the door!

  • Julie

    Why does anybody still wonder why I moved to Denver. Everyone here talks about how cold it is when the high is only in the 30s.

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