I’m back…!

And suddenly it’s October. The middle of October. The days are cooler, the nights are longer, the leaves are blowing off the trees at a really incredible, mind-boggling rate. Where did the summer go? Where did September go? It’s all been a blur, but I know I enjoyed it.

And now I’m back. Ready to return to this crazy blogosphere. A few updates:

• I have a whole bunch of good stuff for sale at The Linden Tree, a beautiful gift shop in South Minneapolis. (stop in and say hi to Melissa!)

• I’ve been sewing for myself. Or rather for people I love, instead of just producing goods for sale. (and it feels great.)

• I’ve been reading. I plowed through The Help and devoured a number of magazines (including a Martha Stewart Living, who knew?)

• I’ve been cooking. Nothing like I did before Daughter and the sewing machine entered my life, but a few things, including these muffins and this soup. (i <3 pumpkin)

• I’ve been accepted into my first Art Festival (i’m thrilled and horrified at the same time).

• I’ve started working out again. Meaning I’ve been breaking a sweat and not just walking the dog. (This is important, because my hockey season starts in two weeks and I don’t want to die).

• I’ve made a commitment to get myself to Yoga at least once a week. (again, important!)

• I’ve been playing. With Daughter. With Dog. With the family. (The work will get done when it needs to get done, but sometimes it’s more important to watch Elmo get tickled.)

• And finally, I’m working on my Mighty List. (because this really, really is important)

I’ve missed you. I’m glad to be back. What have you been up to?

  • kristin

    oh, my jenn!! that’s a whole lotta list. good for you on all accounts! i’ll have to pop in the Lindenn tree and check out your goods.

    welcome back! xx 🙂

  • Jill

    OK, I have to go and take a nap now after reading what you have done in your “down” time….what an inspiration you are!

  • painted fish studio

    whatta list! go, go, go!

  • Anna

    Congratulations on the Linden Tree and the women’s art festival! I really need to get over to the Linden Tree soon. Have you sold much there? Have you settled on what you will make for the festival?

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