Home Made at the Fair

I found a couple fun finds at the State Fair a few weeks ago, and have finally found the time to tell you about them. They’re both from this adorable mother-daughter team from the North Woods of Minnesota call HeimMade. They make the most appropriate Minnesota goodies: warm felted hats and mittens and other goodies, as well as body lotions, soaps, balm, etc. One to keep us cozy and the other to help our skin in the unbearable dryness of winter. I picked up an adorable hat for Daughter, called an acorn hat, and I can’t wait (sort of) until it’s cold enough that she’ll keep it on. I also picked up a small pump bottle of “rest ashore” lotion. It’s the perfect size to sit on my desk. Check out their schedule, they’ve got a few more shows coming up this winter.


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