Hola Arepa!

So, I ventured over to the center of downtown last week to meet a friend for lunch. I work about a mile from the center, and while I can walk there and back in a lunch hour, it leaves me barely enough time to grab a bite or try on a dress. So last week I put on my thinking cap and rented one of the Nice Ride Bikes. These are great! They set up stands of bikes all over the city and you can rent one for just a few dollars. It cost me $5 to get a subscription for the day and then there was no charge for my “ride” because each leg was shorter than 30 minutes. It took about 10 minutes to get there and 10 minutes back, which left me a good 40 minutes to have lunch and wander the Farmer’s Market.

And while I had a good 40 minutes to enjoy lunch, my friend and I stopped at a food truck called Hola Arepa.(and check out their logo… love it) I had heard about it and she hadn’t tried it so we gave it a shot. Turns out an Arepa is like a corn-based bun type-o-thing. And boy is it good. I ordered one with pulled chicken and black beans, it also came loaded with pickled cabbage. She ordered the pulled pork. And turns out she went back the next day to try the black bean version, guess it was a hit! I also ordered a side of chips and salsa, which were crisp and fresh. And although both the Arepa and the chips were hard to eat on the side of a building on the side of the road, it was totally worth it.

Then we wandered the Market and talked about life and loss and thai eggplants. It was great to catch up and to get some eggplants for a stir-fry. More on that soon.

  • jen

    great photos! looks yummy.

  • Monika

    Yum is right!!! Great day for a long lunch.

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