Highland Fest Recap

I ran over to Highland Fest this weekend. Twice. I went on Saturday afternoon and found many vendors packing up because of the approaching Storm. (Can’t say I blamed ’em, the wind was whipping and the sirens forced me, sleeping Daughter and scaredy Dog into the basement a few hours later.) But the vendors that were still up and running were very impressive. Then I ran over again on Sunday on the way to the grocery store. All the vendors were open and operating, even though a few had lost their tents to the wicked Storm on Saturday. A few artists that caught my eye included:

Marisa Martinez (Mestiza Designs) – her glass beads are stunning and so much fun!

Metalsmith Nora Schatzberg – especially her dragonfly necklace

Jill Van Sickle – her paintings are dramatic, yet cozy

And Cassidy Van Boylan – I adore her style and bought this beautiful necklace. But really, I would have been happy with any of her pieces. And she was a delight to meet and chat with. I’ll be hunting her down at other fairs, soon, real soon.

There were also food vendors and live music and bingo and rides, but I really didn’t go beyond the art fair. A bag of mini-donuts did follow me home, but I shared them with Daughter and Dog. Wouldn’t be “fair” otherwise, right?

  • threesneakybugs

    Fantastic necklace! I really should get to some of these fairs this year.

  • painted fish studio

    great finds! wish i had been able to get over there…

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