Happy (Halloween) Weekend!

This photo was in an email I received from a friend titled “Why Dogs Hate Halloween”. I couldn’t stop laughing. And then I felt so bad for the poor beagle. Sweet baby. But I have to think that his Dad loves him a whole lot that he thought up this costume. Still, poor baby.

And then I remembered that Yes, I do dress up my dog. Not this elaborately, but he gets to join in on the Halloween fun. Does your dog/cat/hamster?

Have a great Halloween weekend. I’m heading to dinner with the girls, a 4th birthday party, my first hockey game of the season and finally an evening of costumes, candy and trick-or-treating. Enjoy!

If you missed it, I’m giving away a Yoga Bag. Check out this post, leave a comment and it could be yours!

  • Mis

    Last year Maddie (boxer mix) was a lobster for Halloween:)

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