Happy Half Birthday To Me, I Think?

(the cake photo is borrowed from Cafe Latte, yum)

Today is my half-birthday, which I wouldn’t notice normally, but I’m still working my way through my 39 at 39 list and I think I have a ways to go. Let’s see:

1. Do a Triathlon – DONE, on August 17
2. Run a 10K – DONE, October 1
3. Make homemade bread
4. Take a nap
5. Enjoy a glass of wine with a close friend on a beautiful day
6. Read Anna Karenina
7. Do a charity walk for a cause close to my heart
8. Make sushi
9. Make homemade Veggie Burgers – GP’s Veggie Black Bean Burgers – DONE
10. Take the dog for a long walk – DONE
11. Go for a hike- Carpenter Nature Center – DONE

12. Laugh – DONE
13. Go snowshoeing – sort of?
14. Finish an unfinished project – finished mom’s 3rd pillow – DONE
15. Open my eyes
16. Conquer my fear of piecrust
17. Cook an indian meal
18. Take a nap
19. Make homemade jam
20. Spend an afternoon playing with Daughter – can it be a morning? October 18, art projects – DONE
21. Make a recipe out of the French Laundry Cookbook
22. Take another nap
23. Climb a tree
24. Design my own fabric
25. Love
26. Plan a day trip just to eat – sept 22 -DONE
27. Spend more time reading – DONE, xmas break into the new year
28. Go kayaking
29. Relax
30. Run a 5K with Daughter (jogging stroller, obviously) – MN Zoo 5k – DONE
31. Paint a picture with no restraints
32. Make fried green tomatoes – did it, august 2011 – DONE
33. Do another triathlon
34. Volunteer
35. Take a road trip – September 22, does this count? – DONE
36. Bake cookies from scratch – DONE (xmas)
37. Buy handmade – DONE, a scarf, for me. 
38. Smile more
39. Have fun
16 Done, 23 to go. I have a lot to do! I’ll get back to the William Morris project next week. Another list!
  • Jessica Barden Bandelin

    I love that you have run a triathlon, but have yet to take a nap 🙂

  • Missie

    Happy belated half birthday!
    To help conquer you fear of pie crust…may I suggest this link.


    I’ve made MANY different pie crusts, some with shortening, some butter & even one with lard! But this was by far the easiest to put together, easiest to roll out and tasted wonderful. The tart was a huge hit and I’ve used the crust recipe for pumpkin pies since then. Good luck and be sure to roll out the extra, sprinkle with cinnamon & sugar and bake. Takes me back to my childhood. YUM!

  • Julie

    I can help you with both numbers 16 and 17. I wish I could help with the naps. Don’t think I have had any in my 39th year yet either.

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