Friday5: The Weekend!

Finally, Friday. This week the day job has been crazy. Next week will be worse. Until then let’s enjoy the weekend, eh?

Tell me, oh tell me, 5 fabulous things you are doing this weekend, or hope to do this weekend.

1. Be Inspired at Writing Group
2. Make sweet valentines with the girls (while drinking wine)
3. Watch Hot Air Balloons Launch
4. Relax
5. Make a pot of chili for the big game.

And you?

  • Missie

    1. son’s hockey game
    2. shopping @ the General Store w/ mom
    3. girls night out at Camp Bar seeing “Bye Bye Liver”
    4. recover from girls night out
    5. watch the Super Bowl

    Have a great weekend!

  • Angela

    You have a cute blog! I like the name of it too 🙂 I found your blog via “Fat Mum Slim.” This photo challenge is fun; haven’t done one before!

    I had to comment on this post though because it reminds me of one I did for awhile called “5 on Friday.” I like your version!

    Hope you’ve had a good weekend! Happy February!

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